Why Five Fools II

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Why Five Fools, Part 2.

OK, so we have arrived at the situation where we have the three human fools, The Auguste, The Jester and The Pierrot, to teach us of the human frailties of our physical, mental and emotional selves. There was still something missing though. These three facilitators, admirable though they were, could only be part of the equation. They signpost us to a level of significance by careful orchestration of those processes within us, but to use Buddhist analogy there is no enlightened being at the end of the journey. No obvious Buddha or bodhitsatva.

HarlequinThe solution came while enjoying Shakespeare in the open at Wallington Hall in Northumberland. Special thanks must go to the late, great Frank Jarvis, as he beaconed out to me so clearly the component I was looking for. Right there on the makeshift stage was his wonderful portrayal of The Harlequin. Seemingly invisible to the players, he narrates and foretells of their approaching circumstance. Their actions, words and importantly their attitude were underlined for all to see. All but the individuals themselves that is. So absorbed are they in their own greed, pride, bitterness or other selfish focus that they can't see what is clear to those who have the patience and serenity to observe.

This then is The Harlequin of the Fools' Journey. On one level he is the guardian and guide to the unseen worlds, but he has a more immediate purpose. There are things within our lives that are as inevitable as tomorrow's sunrise and don't need a higher or psychic power to predict. We could prevent some of the events that will befall us by observing our own actions (and the effect they have on others) as those that have the eyes to see observe our actions, but taking those clues from the unseen worlds that Creation invariable shows us.