Why Five Fools III

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Why Five Fools, part 3

ScarecrowMuch more about The Harlequin as we travel further on our Journey, but it's time to introduce the final member of the cast, The Scarecrow. His arrival was one  that caught me off guard, and fundamentally changed many of the tabloids from the moment he turned up. The need was there for a fifth fool, I knew that. If the Journey now had an end state- The Harlequin- and three physical fools to help get us there, there is now a glaring omission, the pureborn fool.

Those who have studied some of the Grail romances will have the reference I am sure, but for those that don't, I needed a Parzifal. In many versions of the story Parzifal is the first of the knights to attain the Grail. The rest of the knights, who were trained from youth in the ways of chivalry, and in the standards and principles of court, were not of a sufficient level of attainment to lift the Holy Grail. Even the greatest of names in those epic tales, such as Lancelot and Galahad, fell short of what was required. Parzifal was different. A naturally clean soul, not highborn, and free from prejudice and familiarity, without the need to be trained.

There is a belief among a number of the Judeo-Christian denominations that we are all born sinners, which is the absolute opposite of this author's philosophy. Personally. I think the notion of a sinner is an adult construct- or at least one that should only be applied to one with a rational, conscious, decision making mind. A newborn baby is quite probably the closest thing to purity there is, with no concept of avarice, gluttony or wickedness. It has no place for out of control ego, and no manufactured identity with which to try to impress people it doesn't like.

I needed then to find a way to incorporate these two characteristics into a single fool, and it turned up when I was least expecting it. I was rereading L Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz, and there, standing in the middle of the field was Scarecrow, who embodies both the natural nobility of Parzifal (rather than the falsehood of aristocratic nobility) and the sheer joyful innocence of the newborn. The Scarecrow is made in the form of an adult, but with none of the experiences that can make us bitter or cynical or greedy. He still has those fine alignments that tend to get lost as we grow away from our birth state. His personal Grail was to see him become the Ruler of Oz, the most worthy of successors, by virtue of the fact he had no brain.

So there we have it. The fifth and youngest member of the cast was here, fitting perfectly into the final role in the pantheon.